Chrome soon lets you Edit Screenshots on desktop

Image about Chrome soon lets you Edit Screenshots on desktop

After Android, Chrome on the desktop already has the Screenshot option integrated into the Share menu to take screengrabs. When you take a screenshot, it will be automatically saved to the clipboard and you’ll be allowed to save it to your computer. Google is now baking Edit Mode into Chrome for the Desktop Screenshots feature.

Enable Screenshot feature in Chrome

To get started, ensure you’re using the latest Chrome 98 Canary

  1. Visit chrome://flags
  2. Search for Screenshots, in the dropdown for “Desktop Screenshots”, select Enabled and restart the browser.

Now, to take a Screenshot using Chrome,

  1. Click on the Share icon in the address bar and select “Screenshots”,
  2. Use the mouse pointer to select a region on the screen,
  3. The picture will be copied to the clipboard, the same will be notified through a notification under bookmark icon,
  4. Click on the “Download” button to save the image in PNG format.

Note: If you’re not seeing the Share button in the address bar, turn on the “desktop sharing hub in Omnibox” flag in the about://flags page and relaunch Chrome.

When the “Desktop Screenshots” for Chrome was first introduced behind the flag, Google offered Edit, Share options in addition to Download.

Screenshot Edit option in addition to download

Those options have been disappeared over time, now, the Edit option is making a come back. According to the company, the button when clicked ” enables an edit flow for users” who take screenshots

Google calling feature as as “Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode”, here is how you can enable it.

Enable Edit Mode for Desktop Screenshots in Chrome

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Visit chrome://flags
  3. Search for “edit mode”, ” in the dropdown for ” Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode“, select Enabled and restart the browser.
    Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode flag Chrome

Using Desktop Chrome’s Screenshot Image Editor

  1. Click on the share icon and select Screenshots
  2. Draw on the desired potion on the screen and click the Edit button to notice Chrome opening chrome://image-editor page that’s where you will be provided steps to edit screen captures.
    Chrome desktop Screenshot Image Editor

Hope this works soon, as of now, the Screenshot Image Editor page is just a placeholder thing.

Edge web capture vs Chrome desktop Screenshots & Edit Mode

Microsoft Edge’s Web Capture and Smart Copy are super useful features for sure, now, Chrome is building the ability to take and edit those screenshots on dekstop,  what do you say about this development? Let us know in the comments below.

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