WinRAR 6.10 adds Windows 11 Context Menus support

Image about WinRAR 6.10 adds Windows 11 Context Menus support

Microsoft has simplified and modernized context menus in Windows 11. For Most of the Win32 apps, you need to browse for “Show more options” to access Windows 10 legacy Context menu. Microsoft said developers need to update their applications for entries to show up in the new context menu. Popular WinRAR has added support for the new Context menu in Windows 11 and is available in the first beta of 6.10.


WinRAR needs no introduction. The powerful archiver and archive manager allows to create, manage and control archive files.

WinRAR is available in two versions: graphical user interface and command-line.

It is not only a .rar files extractor but also works with a lot of compression formats such tar.gz, 7Zip, ISO, and other formats including. Zip files. Commonly used by people to compress files before transferring to save disk space.


  1. Supports RAR and ZIP 2.0 archives
  2. Highly sophisticated, the original compression algorithm
  3. Shell interface, including drag and drop facility and wizard
  4. command-line interface.

WinRAR gets Windows 11 Context Menu support

Modern context menus in Windows 11 look good with rounded corners. The menu provides access to regularly used options when you right-click on Explorer or desktop, but it places the commands you use with applications installed such as with 7-Zip, Notepad++, and WinRAR in the “show more options”.submenu. This is painful and not an intuitive experience for end-users coming from Windows 10.

For an application, Windows 11 allows adding a single top-level command or submenu to the Explorer context menus.

WinRAR now comes with “cascaded context menus” in Integration Settings enabled by default. This allows WinRAR single item to store all needed commands, check the below screenshot.

WinRAR sub menu on Windows 11 desktop context menu

If the Cascaded Context Menu option is disabled, only one extraction command for archives and one archiving command for files will be available.

cascaded context menus in Shell integration

If you’re a fan of open-source 7-Zip, you may want to try its fork NanaZip until the developer adds support for Windows 11 context menus.

What is new in WinRAR 6.10 beta 1:

  1. Added support for Windows 11 Context Menus
  2. WinRAR drops Windows XP support and requires users to run at least Windows Visa.
  3. WinRAR now can unpack contents on .zst and .zipx archives utilizing the Zstandard algorithm.
  4. “Close” Item is added to the “When done” list on the advanced page of archiving dialog. It closes archiving dialog when archiving is done.
  5. The “When done” list is added to the “options” page of the extraction dialog.  It allows selecting an action like turning a computer off or closing WinRAR after completing extraction.

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