How to save a Webpage as PDF in Microsoft Edge

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You no longer need to visit the Print window to save a web page as PDF in Microsoft Edge going forward, Microsoft is saving you these extra clicks and steps with a new “Save as PDF” option in the context menu in Edge 95

Chromium browsers such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge, in addition to viewing PDF documents, let you save Page as PDF.

Microsoft Edge offers two options for the same: Save as PDF and Microsoft Print to PDF

How to save a Web Page as a PDF document on Microsoft Edge

  1. Visit the web page you want to save as PDF,
  2. Click on the ellipsis icon
  3.  Select Print or use the Ctrl+P shortcut
  4.  In Print Window, under the Printer dropdown menu, select “Save as PDF”  and click Save.

How to Print a web page as PDF on Microsoft Edge

1. Follow the above steps from 1 to 2,

2. Under the Printer dropdown menu, select “Microsoft Print to PDF” and click “Save”

Microsoft Print to PDF option Edge

Difference between Save as PDF and Microsoft Print to PDF:

You should be selecting Save as PDF over Microsoft Print to PDF. When you go with the latter, Edge generates the page as PDF with no links as if you’re printing to paper on a Printer.

Save as PDF Context Menu option

Opera browser, which thinks differently from other browsers has incorporated save as PDF option to page context menu 4 years back with Opera 50.

Now Microsoft Edge is offering the same option in addition to the regular “Save as”.

The two options means, you can save a whole web page in PDF form as well. Most prefer PDFs to share over email.

How to Save Web Page as PDF on Microsoft Edge using Context menu option

1. Load the web page you want to save as a PDF

2. Right-click on the page and select “Save as PDF
Save as PDF context menu option in Microsoft Edge 95

3. In Save as dialog, choose a location, type file name, and click Save, done.

Micorsoft Edge 95 may get this feature.

Related to the new PDF features, Microsoft Edge now lets you resume reading from where you last viewed a PDF and allows adding free-form text boxes.

Update: Microsoft has not shipped a context menu option to Save as PDF in Edge till now. We don’t know when the company will, meanwhile, you can use the Print dialog and select either “Save as PDF” or “Micorosft Print PDF” to get the job done.

Final words: There is a variety of three ways to save webpages as PDFs in the new Microsoft Edge: both options -Save as PDF and Microsoft Print to PDF- are available in the print dialog whereas Microsoft tested the Page context menu option, this is currently not available for public, the company may ship the feature in a near future.

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