Google Chrome adds option to save Tab Group

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Tab groups feature is available to everyone in the Chrome browser. Google to make it more useful going forward. As of now, Company is working to allow users to save a group of tabs by offering a right-click menu option in the tab group name/label. You need to toggle “save group” and the tab group will be saved and should restore when you launch Chrome next time.

Chrome tab group label right click menu with Save group toggle

Save group toggle, tab group saving option

Tab groups make it easier to organize tabs. You can combine relative tabs into a group and assign a name and color to distinguish them from other groups. You can create different tab groups and keep the tab bar tidy and clutter-free.

Till now, Chrome allows to collapse group tabs and is even bringing tab freezing to save resources.

Chrome can automatically create a tab group from tabs of the same domain. New Microsoft Edge has also got Tab Group Collapse and automatic creation features.

Recently, Google has started work on offering an option that “enables users to explicitly save and recall tab groups” in Chrome browser and that option is now available in Canary.

Chrome gets save option for Tab Groups

  1. Ensure you’re using the latest Chrome Canary 95.0.4617.0 or later
  2. Right-click on a tab and add it to a new group, give it a name and assign a distinct color from the available. Add other tabs to the same group or create a second group from other open tabs.
  3. Visit chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save in address bar
    Tab Groups save flag
  4. Select Enabled and restart the browser
  5. Now, if you right-click on the Tab group header, you’ll notice the “Save group” option with a toggle to enable and disable the tab group saving.

So, in addition, to present tab group options -create a new tab in the group, ungroup, close group, and move groups to a new window, Chrome to provide the Save group option as well.

But, the option isn’t itself saving when turned on.

It is worth noting that if you’ve set Chrome startup to restore the previous session, the browser saves and restores user-created tab groups without any issues.

Here is how you can save tab groups in Chrome right now:

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Visit Settings > on Startup
  3. Select “continue where you left off”

Do you use Tab Groups? If not, which feature or extension do you use in Chrome to organize tabs? Let us know in the comments below.

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