Google to make Chrome’s Keyword Search feature more discoverable and useful

Image about Google to make Chrome’s Keyword Search feature more discoverable and useful

Recently Google rolled out the ability to Chrome 92 to choose tab or space bar or only Tab as a shortcut for custom searches. In addition to shortcuts, Keyword Search is getting a new UI. Chrome team says the feature will be renamed in the future and they’re working on making changes to make it more discoverable and useful for more people (not only for power users). Continue to read on, for more details.

Chrome Keyword Search UI for YouTube

New Keyword Search UI

Chrome supports custom searches and is a great way to search on a website quickly from the address bar without navigating to it.

You can assign keywords to sites from Omnibox by visiting Settings > Search engine > Manage Search Engines.

For instance, If you set Y as a keyword for YouTube in Settings.

You can type “Y”, press tab or space, type your search, and press enter

A few months back, Google has removed and restored “Spacebar triggering” for keyword Searches.

Chrome now allows choosing a specific keyboard shortcut -tab or spacebar- in Search Settings under “Keyword shortcut for search keywords”

keyboard shortcuts for search keywords

There is a new Keyword Search UI that doesn’t require keyboard navigation and informs keyword Search exists in Chrome.

The feature is already available in stable verison.

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When you type keyword in Omnibox, chrome shows a button below suggestion.  You just need to click to enter a custom search, type your search term, and press enter.

Upcoming changes to Keyword Search

Google has revealed

  • the feature is going to get a new name in the future.
  • new UI is a good start, to begin with
  • They want more users to utilize keyword search
  • They’re designing changes thoughtfully to avoid disrupting current use cases.

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