Microsoft releases Edge Dev channel for Android with new features

Image about Microsoft releases Edge Dev channel for Android with new features

After Canary, the Dev version of Microsoft Edge for Android is now available on the Google Play Store for download. Edge Dev version is on 91 while Canary on 92, and Edge stable, and beta far behind and running on version 46.

Microsoft is working to make Edge desktop and mobile versions in-line. The company recently announced Edge will use a common code base for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, and iOS platforms. That’s turning into reality now.

Microsoft Edge Dev Play Store

When comes to Android, dated Edge contains security vulnerabilities and no way matches the latest Chrome.

Users in love with Edge Chromium on Windows and Mac, don’t wait to see Edge using the latest Chromium on Android.

Edge users can now rejoice with Canary and Dev versions available.

Do note, users can participate in the beta version of Edge from the Play Store. When they sign in to Microsoft Account in Edge, they can sync open tabs, history, and other data across devices.

Similar to desktop, Edge on Android is not a Chrome clone.

It comes with a new UI, unique features such as Collections, Tracking Prevention, and other features Chrome lacks on Android.

Download Microsoft Edge dev 91 for Android

Download and install Edge dev on your smartphone.

Sign into Edge with Microsoft Account and sync Stuff.

You can able to personalize or customize Edge, such as theme, new Tab Page to your liking.
Microsoft Edge Dev 91 Android

To try out new features, visit the edge://flags page. These were inherited from Chrome.

You can find Edge dev 91 on Play Store here.

What’s your take on Edge for Android? Have you liked the new UI so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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