How to Search Recently Closed Tabs on Chrome

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Chrome has recently got the ability for the user to search through tabs open in various windows in the browser. The responsible Tab Search feature is getting improved in the Canary version. Google has not only expanded Tab Search length and shows timestamps, but also lists Recently Closed tabs for you to find.

Google has introduced the Tab Search feature with Chrome 87 for Windows, Mac, and other platforms. It was gradually rolled out and available to all users now.

If you’ve multiple tabs open, finding the tab you’re looking for can be a daunting task.

Chrome’s Tab strip gets shrink to fit space for more tabs and doesn’t show tab title, Google built Tab Search feature as one of the solutions to address the problem.

Clicking the arrow icon (or using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E) displays tabs open in all Windows in a vertically scrollable layout.
Chrome Tab Search lists open and recently closed tabs with timestamp

Search through recently closed tabs on Chrome

In the Chrome Canary version 91.0.4466.2 or higher,

  • The Tab Search menu has been lengthened to fit Recently closed tabs.
  • Unlike open tabs, you can’t close recently closed tabs by clicking the “x” icon.
  • open and closed tabs are grouped and shown from top to bottom.
  • what time you’ve opened or closed a tab is displayed.
  • If you clear Chrome browsing data, recently closed tabs get vanished in Tab Search. They’ll be accumulated as you start closing other tabs

To begin,

  1. Type letters of the site URL or web page title in the search field,
  2. once a result is highlighted, select it, the page will open in a new tab.
    finding recently closed tabs in Chrome through Tab Search

This is how you can able to find and open recently closed tabs in the Chrome browser by using the Tab Search feature.

Have you found the addition to Tab Search useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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