After Android, Desktop Chrome gets Sharing Hub

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Update: Share menu for Chrome is now live on Canary.

Visit a website to notice + icon in Omnibox.
Click on it to view and select any of the options –Copy link, QR Code, Send to your devices, Save page as and cast (tab) — to share a page.
Chrome desktop sharing hub options

The page sharing options are working perfectly fine.

As of now, the share menu is accessible from Omnibox only, soon the option may appear in the menu also.

Original Story follows:

The ability to share web pages from Chrome on the desktop soon will get easier. Google is working to add a share menu to Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS platforms. The sharing option will be available in the address bar and the main menu, the new flags available in Chrome Canary suggests.

Chrome on Android with a custom share sheet offers plenty of options to distribute content.

You can copy a page link, take a screengrab and edit, send it to your devices on which you signed into a Google account, share a web page by scanning a QR code, and print it to a printer or save it as a PDF.

Sharing Hub in Chrome on Android

Sharing Hub in Chrome on Android

And, more options on the first row, allow you to share a page via a message with Whatsapp, Messages, and other apps.

The More menu provides access to the system share sheet.

Currently, Chrome on Windows allows sending tabs to Android devices with an option in the tab context menu, and Omnibox.  QR code generator built-into Chrome and Nearby share feature are also great sharing options.

Now, Google is adding a new sharing menu to desktop Chrome.

For that, the Chromium team recently added two flags to Chrome Canary.

To enable Sharing Hub in Chrome on Desktop

  1. Launch Chrome browser
  2. Visit chrome://flags page
  3. Search for Hub and turn on the following two flags
    Desktop sharing hub in App menu
    Desktop sharing hub in Omnibox
    Chrome desktop Sharing Hub flags
  4. Restart the browser.

Thie feature is a work in progress and may appear and function when the desktop sharing hub code lands in the browser.

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