New Microsoft Edge adds Dictionary to PDF Reader, here’s how to use it

Image about New Microsoft Edge adds Dictionary to PDF Reader, here’s how to use it

Microsoft has ported another PDF feature from Edge Legacy to the new Edge browser, the ability to look up words in PDF is now available in new Edge in Canary and dev versions, here is how you can enable and use it.

The previous version of Microsoft Edge has the Dictionary built-in.

It allowed displaying definitions inline for Books, Reading View, and PDF files.

New Edge’s Immersive Reader which supports Wikipedia, offers Picture Dictionary for the selected words, so Dictionary supports isn’t available in reader Mode, but now launched for PDFs.
New Microsoft Edge showing definition for Word in PDF

Enable and use Dictionary in PDF in new Microsoft Edge

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Click on Settings and more (Alt+P)
  3. Select Settings > Appearance > context menus
  4. Enable “Show smart actions when viewing PDFs“.
    Edge Show smart actions when Viewing PDFs Setting
  5. Load a PDF from a local drive or from the web.
    Select a word, right-click and select “Define”.
    Define option in PDF Context menu
    Bing will fetch and show the definition in a pop-up with options to hear it and search on the web for more information.

Note: You need to enable the setting for the mini context menu if you want to see the definition of words from it also.

Hope you will utilize the new Define option in the PDF context menu in the new Edge to know the meaning of unknown words via Bing.

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