How to open & use “Quick Commands” or Commander in Chrome

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After Tab Search and Chrome Actions, Google has brought a search interface to Chrome named Quick commands (formerly Commander). This appears always on top and shows respective Chrome commands in the drop-down including entries from bookmarks and history while you type. You’ll finds this similar to Vivaldi Quick commands. The feature is available in Chrome 91 and higher, here is how to open and use it.

commander interface showing commands for n letter

Chrome’s new feature is called Quick Commands

What is Quick Commands?

Think of this as one UI or universal Search in Chrome to display all browser features relevant to what you typed in the search bar.

Google calls the Commander or Quick Commands feature a “text interface to common chromium functionality.”

The feature resembles that of Chrome Actions. Where Actions, require typing commands from the address bar while the Quick Coammnds has a dedicated interface for the user to input things.

How to open and use Quick commands or Commander in Chrome

  1. While Chrome is open, hold Ctrl and press Space. Or, Click on the menu and hover over more tools and select “Quick Commands
  2. Start typing, Chrome displays all the commands that match the letters you’ve typed.
    Select one of them using the mouse to run.
    For instance, if you type “a”, the commander lists “Save page as”, “Bookmarks all tabs”, “Create a new tab”, “Open recently closed tabs”, etc along with a shortcut for each on right.
    commander interface showing Chrome commands for letter a
  3. Not only that, you can open a new Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Meet, or Google forms in a new tab right from the interface when you type the letter N”.

Once the Ctrl+Space shortcut is pressed, the search bar sticks to the top of Chrome. It can be dismissed or closed by pressing the Esc key.

Since Edge is Chromium-based, don’t be surprised if the commander shows up and works in new and other Chromium-based browsers also.

The experience and interface feel the same as Quick Commands (F2) in Vivaldi.

Vivaldi quick commands

Vivaldi quick commands interface

Final words: After Chrome Actions, Google has launched Quick Commands in Chrome, a text interface to type commands and get things done quickly. The feature can be activated with a Keyboard shortcut or by selecting the option Under More tools in Menu.

What’s your take on Quick commands in Chrome? Have you found it useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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