Disable Edge’s Widget from running on Startup

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Microsoft’s obsession with Weather and News continues. After testing News and Interests flyout on Windows 10 taskbar, the company is experimenting with Web Widget in Edge browser. This widget also opens and runs from the taskbar, it can be configured to run when Windows starts, and here is how you can disable it if you’ve done so.

Microsoft Edge Web Widget on Windows Dekstop opened automatically


What is a Web Widget?

The Web Widget is a Microsoft Edge’s personalized dashboard feature.

According to Microsoft,  “Web Widget is designed to help users like yourselves to be informed, entertained, and discover new things with customizable, relevant, and trustworthy content, right on your desktop”.

Users interested in trying it out should visit Settings > New Tab Page and click on “Launch Web Widget now to see how it works”.

After that, you can set it to run on Windows startup by toggling the last option available.

Disable or Stop Microsoft Edge’s widget from running on Startup

If Widget already open, right-click on the Taskbar icon and select “x  Close window”.

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Click on the 3-dot menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select New Tab Page
  5. Under “Get search and personalized news any time”
  6. Turn off “Show Web Widget when you start your computer
    disable show web widget when you start your computer setting

At the time of writing, the feature is available to users in Edge 89 dev.

According to the Edge release schedule, Edge version 89 is expected to be available in the “week of 4 March 2021”.

It should be noted this also may be an experiment, Microsoft may consider the feedback before making it available in the Stable version.

What’s your take on Edge’s News and Weather widget? Have you liked it? Let us know in the comments below.

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