Microsoft Edge is bringing new Downloads Experience for users

Image about Microsoft Edge is bringing new Downloads Experience for users

After delivering new History and Favorites experience, Microsoft is bringing new Downloads Menu to the Edge browser. The toolbar menu which lets you manage downloads easily is now available to few users in Edge 89 Canary via Controlled Feature rollouts

What you need to know:

  • Edge is getting a new downloads menu
  • You can access it by clicking on its icon on the toolbar
  • The downloads flyout is designed similar to Favorites and History
  • You can hide or show the downloads icon on the toolbar
    Edge new downloads menu experience on toolbar

For each download, Edge offers controls to open, save.

Ensure you’ve to “Ask me what to do with each download” is tuned on Settings for this.

For a download that is in progress, you can able to pause and resume from where it has stopped.

Microsoft Edge’s Downloads flyout offers the following options

  • Manage all downloads
  • Clear downloads history
  • Downloads Settings
  • Hide the downloads button on the toolbar

We reported an extension is available that enables the Download menu like firefox in Edge,  the extension may no longer necessary going forward.

It’s worth noting that the new flyouts designed to resemble Edge legacy Hub, have been reported slow to load and making a navigating bit difficult. We’re not sure what’s the case with the new Downloads.

What’s your take on Edge’s new Downloads menu? Have you liked it? Let us know in the comments below [Via Leo]

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