An early look at Firefox Proton User Interface

Image about An early look at Firefox Proton User Interface

After Australis and Photon, Mozilla is now working on another visual refresh for Firefox called Proton. The mockups reveal how the Firefox upcoming UI would look like. You can also follow the development and see the changes in the Nightly version as Mozilla works on. As of now, rounded Proton tabs and an uncompleted hamburger menu with fewer options are available to check.


Firefox Proton mockups

According to the meta bug, the following Firefox UI elements are getting design changes.

  • Address bar
  • toolbar
  • tabs bar
  • hamburger menu
  • infobars
  • door hangers

Mozilla has readied some mockups too for import wizard, New Tab Page, application menu toolbar, the address bar and others, based on they’ll be making the changes to the Firefox interface.

Firefox proton multiple tabs infobar mockup

Firefox New Tab Page Proton
The New Tab Page screenshot reveals Mozilla is looking to bring Opera like Easy Setup menu to Firefox to configure New Tab options.

Firefox proton import wizard mock

Firefox proton hamburger menu mockup

Firefox may get a more compact hamburger menu in the future with Proton update.

Enable Proton user interface in Firefox

  1. Visit about: config
  2. Search for “proton”, toggle browser.proton.enabled pref value to true.

The current trend is rounded corners, Microsoft is already converting most of its apps on Windows 10 into that look.

With Australis, Firefox got curved tabs, with Proton, they set to change to round ones. You can sneak peek at Proton tabs and Proton hamburger meu in Firefox by following the steps given below.

Enable Proton Tabs and Proton hamburger menu

  1. Visit about:config
  2. Create following boolean pref and set their value to true.
    Enable Fiefox proton design, tabs and hamburger menu

Do note, the enabled App menu consists of only the following three options, making it difficult to access others.

  • New Window
  • Library and Exit.

You may have to use the Keyboard shortcut or hit the Alt button to see the menu to access other Firefox UI elements.

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