New Microsoft Edge lets you add comments to PDF Documents

Image about New Microsoft Edge lets you add comments to PDF Documents

Microsoft recently announced in the Roadmap for PDF viewer in Microsoft Edge that it will bring “text notes” soon. The ability to add comments to PDFs is now available in the new Edge.

Microsoft is bringing all Edge legacy features including PDF Reader to the new Edge. Since the new Edge launch, the company has been adding PDF features one by one.

text notes added on PDF

Till now, the new Edge received 

To add comments to a PDF document in Edge Chromium browser

  1. Launch new Edge browser
  2. Load a PDF from the web or from your hard drive
  3. Highlight some text, right-click and select “Add comment”
    Add comment option
  4. Type the notes inside the text box and click the checkmark to save
    comment box

The selected text will be highlighted. You can notice the comment icon, which on hover shows the comment, you can open and edit it or delete it.

You need to save changes to PDF to preserve those comments.

Microsoft says the Text comment tool for PDFs is available in Edge Dev and Canary versions.

What’s your take on Micorosft adding comments support to Edge PDF Viewer? Let us know in the comments below.

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