Chrome getting Temporary Guest Profiles, how to enable

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We’ve recently reported Chrome to get a New Profile Picker, Google is working on another feature related to Profiles, this time for Guests. The Chromium team is now expanding the Guest browsing mode to allow users to create temporary guest profiles  Google calls the feature on desktop as “Ephemeral guest profiles”, here’s is what you need to know and how you can enable and test it on the Chrome browser.

What is the Guest mode?

If you’re only one person using a computer, then you won’t need to create multiple profiles that Chrome supports. But if others want to use your Chrome browser, then you can let them browse Chrome using Guest mode.

In Guest mode, they can’t see or change other’s profile info. The browsing activity will be deleted when you exit guest mode.

To open guest mode

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Click on the profile icon and select ‘Guest’ under other People.

Guest profile named person 2 Chrome

Enable ‘Ephemeral guest profiles’ in Chrome

Ephemeral means short-lived or lasts for a short time. In Chrome 87 Canary, Google is coming up with a new feature for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows users to create temporary guest profiles.

To get Started

  1. Launch Chrome Canary
  2. Search for “Enable ephemeral Guest Profiles on Desktop”

    enable ephemeral guest profiles on desktop

    Enable ephemeral guest profiles on desktop flag Chrome

  3. Click on the dropdown and select “Enabled”
  4. Restart the browser.

Click on the profile icon and select “Guest”

A new profile named “Person 2” will be created. That profile info and browsing history will be cleared when you close that profile’s tabs and Windows.

The ephemeral guest profiles may be useful for enterprises but not for consumers, anyway, a good addition to Chrome regarding Guest profiles none the less.

Do note Guest and incognito modes are completely different features in Chrome, you should be using Incognito Mode to protect your privacy.

When you give your system to others or others borrow your device, you should let them use Chrome in Guest mode or create a guest profile.

This feature is currently available behind a flag in Canary. Chrome 87 is expected to release on November 17, 2020.

What do you say about this new feature? Have you liked it? Let us know in the comments below.

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