Fix Microsoft Edge crashes on Mac with Error code 6

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Apparently, Microsoft Edge for Mac is unusable for users, it is crashing with Error Code: 6. Microsoft has acknowledged this issue and said it is working on a fix, meanwhile, there is a quick workaround available to make Edge work again on Mac.

According to users reports on Answers forums [1] [2], Edge on MacOS Catalina is crashing since yesterday after updating Safari 14.

According to reports, whenever users open a new tab or Settings or Edge internal page, the browser including extensions crash and giving the error page saying “The page is having a problem.Try coming back to it later”. The page with Error code: 6, suggests to open a new tab or refresh the page to resolve the issue.

Microsoft Edge Mac this page having Problem Error Code 6

The issue persisted even after Edge reinstall, affected users said.

It is unclear why Edge stops behaving like this after updating Safari to v14.

“I am not sure this is relevant, but the only difference on my computer between yesterday (when everything still worked) and still today I am experiencing the same crashes as described above) was the update to Safari 14.”

Another user said, ” I think it’s relevant, I also updated to Safari 14 in the morning, and then it stopped working”.

Fix Microsoft Edge for Mac crashes with Error code 6

You can’t believe this! Affected users and Microsoft itself confirmed restarting Mac should fix the issue.

“Are you a Mac user and seeing the error in the image below (Error 6) when trying to use Microsoft Edge? The team is working on it! A reboot of your Mac may fix the issue”.

Update September 26, 2020: Microsoft has confirmed in a blog post that it has fixed this issue.

“Fixed an issue where installing the latest version of Safar on Mac will cause Edge to show Error Code 6 instead of loading tabs”.

Are you affected? Is your Edge crashing on Mac? Let us know in the comments below.

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