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Google is working on a feature that allows users to assign a name to each Chrome browser window so that, they can easily distinguish which window is what from the taskbar/alt +Tab UI and switch to a particular window when multiple windows are open irrespective of tab in focus. The Chromium team calls the feature “Window Naming UI” and is currently available in Chrome release out of the box without needing to enable any flag.

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You can open multiple windows in Chrome, but navigating to them may be difficult. To address this, Google may be bringing the windows naming feature.

Enable the Window Naming feature in Chrome

To get started,

  1. Launch the latest Chrome
  2. Search for “Window Naming”

    Window Naming flag Chrome

    Window Naming flag Chrome

  3. Click on the dropdown arrow and select “Enabled”
  4. Restart the browser.

Update: The flag is no longer required, the feature is available and enabled by default in the Chrome browser.

How to name a Window in the Chrome browser

  1. Right-click on Chrome frame and select “Name window”
    Or click on the menu icon, hover over More tools, and select “Name Window”.
Name window option

Name window option

2. In the “Name this window”  dialog, type a unique name and click OK.

Name this window dialog


Similarly, open another new window, and assign a different name to it.


For instance, if you’ve given Personal and work titles to these Windows, these both windows with their names will be visible when you hover the Chrome icon on the taskbar with your mouse or if you use the alt+Tab combination to switch between applications on Windows OS.

Chrome windows after giving names in Alt +Tab UI

The bug we found indicates, Chrome is testing window naming for Mac, but the flag is now available for Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and working on Windows as well.

“In the support naming Windows for the Dock and window menu” bug, Chromium employee notes that “it would be great to able to assign a sticky name to each window, so their titles in the menu and Dock are identifiable and don’t change depending on what tab has focus”.

What’s your take on this new feature? Have you found any use with this? Let us know in the comments below.

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