Chrome Tab Groups now available to everyone

Image about Chrome Tab Groups now available to everyone

The day has come, the latest Chrome stable version 85.0.4183.102 has Tab Groups available by default and they’re collapsible too when you create groups of tabs.

Once, Tab Groups was a popular feature in Firefox, Mozilla removed it citing of low usage. The feature is now available in the Chrome browser.

Work to bring Tab Groups to Chrome began in December 2018 as the Chromium team added a flag for the same to Chrome 73. The feature evolved beautifully and now rolled out and available to everyone in September month of 2020, recent commit also confirms that.

Chrome allows organizing tabs into distinct groups. To create a tab group, open a few tabs, right-click on one and select ” Add to tab group”. The feature helps to group related tabs.

You can name a tab group and assign a color to it. Chrome restores the groups when you reopen the browser in the next session. Google said from their research that some users like to “group Chrome tabs by topic”.

tab groups enabled by default Chrome

To save more space on the tab strip, you can collapse those tab groups. You need to enable the “Tab groups collapse”  flag though, for this to work.

After enabling the flag, when you click on the tab group name or icon, the group will be collapsed.

It’s interesting to see how many actually remember the feature exists in Chrome and goes on to use it. What’s your take on Tab Groups in Chrome? Are you going the use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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