Chrome for Android is getting a new Security feature

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After the desktop, Google is adding the ‘Safety check’ tool to Chrome on Android.

Recently, Google introduced redesigned security and privacy settings for Chrome on the desktop, along with them, Chrome received a built-in tool to check browser security and update status.

Chrome Safety check android screenshots

Chrome on Android now receiving the Safety check feature in Canary.

The tool allows users to run an on-demand scan to

  • Check Google’s Safe Browsing setting that protects against dangerous websites or malware downloads and warns you if it is turned off.
  • Verify the browser is up to date or not, including the latest security updates. Running the tool also is one of the fastest ways to know Chrome is using the latest version or not.
  • Scan passwords saved to Chrome and say how to fix if they’re compromised

Enable ‘Safety check’ in Chrome on Android

1. Launch Chrome Canary

2. Visit chrome://flags page

3. Search for “Safety check”

4. Select Enabled from the dropdown and restart the browser.

5. Tap on menu icon and select Settings

6. Tap on Safety check, tap on “check now”

As said above, the tool scans for Safe Browsing, passwords, and browser updates.

Note: Safety check on Android doesn’t look out for bad extensions as the Android version doesn’t support them.

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