Microsoft Edge Addons Store adds Editors Picks and Reviews & Rating support for Extensions

Image about Microsoft Edge Addons Store adds Editors Picks and Reviews & Rating support for Extensions

Microsoft is improving Edge Addons store day by day by adding more extensions, recently we’ve reported extensions in it have surpassed 1200 number, seems the number has crossed 1500 now, the latest development Microsoft made to the Store is they’ve added Editors’ Picks and allow users to submit a review (optional) and rating for each extension they’ve installed in the new Edge browser, the user is required to sign in to Microsoft Account on the Extension store to do this.

Microsoft Edge Addons Store

Last time when we covered about Edge Extensions we’ve mentioned the Microsoft Store lacks user reviews and ratings which is crucial in judging the popularity and trustworthy nature of an extension, its usual for an extension to appear at the top on the store and in the search results if it has more positive reviews and five-star ratings. Microsoft has added a user review and rating system to the Edge extension store. To review or rate an extension, you should have installed that extension in the Edge Chromium browser and need to sign in to Microsoft Account on the Addons site.

Here is how you can leave your valuable review about a specific Edge extension on Microsoft store: Visit Edge extensions site in the new Edge browser.

Install the desired extension. Sign in to the Store with your Microsoft account and head to a particular extension page,

Click on the “Add a review” button at the bottom, choose a rating, write comment optional, and submit. It is unclear whether these comments will be moderated by the Edge Addons store team or not.

Like chrome Web Store, Microsoft Edge Addons Store apart from allowing the submission of reviews and ratings for extensions, provides Editors Picks as well. As of now, there are 35 extensions in the list and contains popular UBlocK Origin, Grammarly, Tampermonkey, LastPass, Microsoft Office, Momentum, Click & Clean, Save to Pocket, Reddit Enhancement Suite, HTTPS Everywhere, Turn off lights, etc. It’s interesting to know on what criteria Microsoft picks certain extensions as Editors Picks.

Editors Picks

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