Microsoft Edge Addons Store crosses 1000 Extensions

Image about Microsoft Edge Addons Store crosses 1000 Extensions

For the last two months, the Microsoft Edge Addons Store grew from 160 to over 1200 extensions. This could be a small number when compared with thousands of extensions available on Chrome Web Store but rest assured Microsoft will add more extensions to its new Addons store in the coming months. The Addons site in beta currently offers some of the popular Chrome and Firefox Store extensions, here they’re.

UBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, Grammarly, Enhancer for YouTube, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Honey, Evernote Web Clipper,  Momentum,  F.B Purity.

Official Microsoft extensions for Edge: Office, Onenote Web clipper, Bing Pages, Bing Search engine, Bing homepage, and Search Engine, Microsoft Rewards, Xbox New Tab,  Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Addons store over 1200 extensions

Like Vivaldi, you can customize Edge New Tab Page with extensions, wallpaper extensions are also available on the Edge Addons store from new developers, be careful! They may contain malware as they often change new tab, search and other crucial browser settings.

Edge browser warns when extension makes such changes then you can disable or remove the extension and restore Edge default settings by visiting browser settings page.

Report Malware extensions to Microsoft:

Like Firefox and Google Chrome, if you feel any extension contains malware or violates Microsoft Add-ons Store content policies, you can use the “Report abuse” option available on the extension page (Edge also displays the reporting option with a checkbox while uninstalling an extension). You can report about Edge extension to Microsoft for threats, cyberbullying, harassment, offensive content, virus, spyware, malware and other.

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Since the Chromium Edge browser is new and addons store is recent and there aren’t any user reviews available makes it difficult for the users to how trustworthy an extension is.

You can find the extension you’re looking for by using the Search box and by filtering the categories, If the extension wasn’t available in Edge Addons store, you may find in it Chome Web Store.

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