Microsoft Edge for Android rolls out Tracking Prevention and Contextual Search features

Image about Microsoft Edge for Android rolls out Tracking Prevention and Contextual Search features

Microsoft Edge browser on Android currently in Beta already allows you to customize its new tab page and comes with a new menu where you can reorganize the items in an order to your liking. The Edge browser also lets you sync browser data with new Microsoft Edge or Edge Legacy, Microsoft today has started rolling out a new update for Edge browser with Contextual Search, Tracking Prevention features and includes various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Tracking Prevention

A few months back even before the public launch of Edge Stable release, Microsoft has enabled Tracking Prevention for Edge on desktop, in development builds. The feature is powered by a list of known trackers provided by Disconnect which is also being used by Mozilla for its Firefox browser.

Like Tracking Protection modes in Firefox, Edge offers three Tracking Prevention settings for users to choose from Basic, Balanced, and Strict. Edge team recommends setting TP mode to Balanced to ensure a smooth browsing experience for Edge to block trackers without breaking the websites. Edge also allows users to set Strict option for InPrivate browsing mode. Microsoft now bringing the tracking protection to its Edge browser on Android.

Microsoft Edge Android Tracking Prevention Settings


UPDATE March 10, 2020: Tracking Prevention is available and enabled by default with the latest Edge version You can spot the TP setting turned on in Privacy and Security (check the screenshot we’ve attached above).

Contextual Search

While Chrome Android App has a Contextual Search feature exists since ages where the search results for a selected word will be displayed on the same page if you lookup. Microsoft Edge on Android now offers contextual search and sends the word and active page to Bing to display the results on your screen. Here is how you can enable the feature in Edge.

Enable Contextual Search in Microsoft Edge on Android

1. Launch Edge browser

2. Open menu, select Settings > Search,

3. Set Default Search engine to Bing and turn “On” Contextual Search to notice “Quick Search Panel” and “Send the current page to Bing” settings.

Microsoft brings Contextual Search to Edge on Android

While Tracking Prevention is neither enabled by default nor available in Settings, the feature could be rolling out. Here is the changelog for the latest version provided by Microsoft on Play Store.

Edge App changelog

  • Tap on any word to trigger a contextual search and get results without leaving the page.
  • Choose to sync your favorites, passwords and other data with new Microsoft Edge or Edge legacy.
  • Customize the layout of the new tab page.
  • Tracking Prevention: Select a Basic, Balanced or Strict amount of blocking.

You can download Microsoft Edge from Play Store here. Do note the app is still in beta.