Firefox Preview for Android receives UBlock Origin Support, here is how to install it

Image about Firefox Preview for Android receives UBlock Origin Support, here is how to install it

As promised, Mozilla has brought the first extension -“UBlock Origin“- from Recommended Extensions Program to Firefox Preview (Fenix) in Nightly version and you can install it now and block ads in the next version of Firefox for Android.

Recently Mozilla has shipped Firefox Preview v3.0 with new features and enhancements. With the request from users about add-ons support, the company announced in a blog post that extensions support will come to Firefox Preview in January 2020 and said it is working to bring a list of extensions from Recommended Extensions Program first.

“Bringing GeckoView and Firefox Preview up to par with APIs that were supported previously in Firefox for Android won’t happen overnight. For the remainder of 2019 and leading into 2020, we are focusing on building support for a selection of content from our Recommended Extensions Program that work well on mobile and cover a variety of utilities and features.” Mozillian, Phillip Kewisch said.

Firefox Preview in Nightly based on Geckoview now supports WebExtensions and UBlock Origin is the first extension added to the browser via an update.

To install UBlock Origin in Firefox Preview

1. Download and install Firefox Preview Nightly from Play Store

2. Launch Firefox Preview Nightly, click on three-dot menu, select Settings

3. Under Advanced, tap on Add-ons which appears above Languages

install UBlock Origin in Firefox Fenix Preview Android

4. You’ll notice Ublock Origin as a Recommended addon, click on + icon to install it.

You can manage UBO by accessing its Settings. Instaling UBO enables the “Add-ons Manager” entry in the Firefox menu. Expect more extensions to available soon under Recommended in Fenix Nightly for install.

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