Microsoft to make PWAs Run Automatically on Windows Startup

Image about Microsoft to make PWAs Run Automatically on Windows Startup

Microsoft already said it is going to make PWAs more native in Windows 10 in the future by allowing to uninstall each Web App like any app and will offfer unique badges and their own jumplists on taskbar. As of now, both Chromium Edge and Chrome offer install button in address bar when you visit PWA sites, expect the install dialog soon to include an option to auto start the application after logging into the OS. FYI, currently Chromium Edge supports Windows and Mac platforms and soon it will be also available on Linux also.

pwa-dialog with auto start app when I login checked

Microsoft is contributing to this Chromium feature where it is considering to provide the ability automatically execute an installed Progressive Web App on Windows/Mac/Linux login. Currently PWA doesn’t contain this capability, Microsoft is proposing a mechanism to acheive this on desktop platforms.

According the Run on Login Explainer, for this to work, MS is planning to add PWA shortcut to startup folder on Windows OS albeit this can be done by creating a registry key in Windows Registry or by running as a scheduled task.

This is how the feature supposed to work: while installing a PWA, you”ll be offfered a checkbox install dialog to run at OS login (potentially unchecked by default. After installing the app, the shorcut will be added to Start Menu as well as Windows startup folder.

PWA shortcut added startup folder

You can enable or disable PWA from starting up automaticlly on Windows by visiting Startup tab in Task Manager.

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