How to send Clipboard content copied in Chrome from computer to Android

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As Google Chrome already allows you to send webpages from desktop to mobile and vice versa via “Send to your devices” feature and via QR code, you can soon able to transfer clipboard content between Android and computer devices in upcoming Chrome 79, provided, you need to have “shared clipboard” feature supported Chrome version installed and you should be signed with the same account on both devices with Chrome Sync enabled.

Chrome 79 Copy clipboard contet to android

While you don’t need to make any changes or turn on any flags for the Android version of Chrome, you have to enable three flags for Chrome running on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Note: expect these flags to be enabled by default in future versions.

1. Visit chrome://flags page

2. Search for ” clipboard”.

3. Select “Enabled” for the following three flags and restart the browser

  • Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature
  • Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled
  • Sync Clipboard service

Chrome shared clipboard flags

Before copying clipboard data, ensure you’ve

  • Chrome 79 installed on PC and Android
  • Signed in on both devices with same Google account and Chrome Sync is activated

If the above conditions are met, visit any webpage, select some text and right-click to notice Copy to Android device name appearing as an option, select it, clipboard data will be sent to Android smartphone, you’ll receive a notification informing text shared from desktop device has been copied to clipboard, open any app and paste the contents.

Google promises shared clipboard text will be end-to-end encrypted and it can’t’ see it.