Chrome makes it easier to share Pages to Android via QR Code

Image about Chrome makes it easier to share Pages to Android via QR Code

Google Chrome if signed in your Google account already allows sharing tabs between devices, now Chromium team is trying to provide another way to share Pages to Android Chrome, which is via “QR Code “, the feature is available behind a flag in Chrome Canary and can be enabled.

QR code created for Page Chrome 80 Canary desktop

The QR code generator integrated into Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS is available on the Chrome://flags page with the name “Enable Share page via QR code”.

Sharing QR code generator flag


If you enable this feature, a new “Generate QR code for this Page” option will be available on Page right-click menu, selecting it will generate QR Code for the page URL (note: QR code button in address bar is not working atm), which will appear in the address bar along with “Download” option to save to user device. You can use your smartphone camera or QR Scanner apps available on the Play Store to scan QR code and get the Page URL on your Android device for reading or shopping.

Generate QR code for this page right click option

As you see in the first screenshot embedded above, the feature is not working or changes necessary to create QR code may not have landed along with flag in the Chrome Canary browser, you should expect the sharing QR code generator to start working soon. As per the commit available for the QR generator, we can tell Google is aiming to add a Dino image to the center of QR code.