Chrome revamps the User Profile Menu in Canary

Image about Chrome revamps the User Profile Menu in Canary

Google wants its Chrome browser UI to be as minimalistic as possible, recently, the company nixed unused context menu options from the tab, now the Chromium team is looking to simplify the profile menu by showing icons only for options instead of text to reclaim the space. The change can be spotted in the latest Chrome 79 Canary when you enable the “Profile menu revamp” flag.

Chrome user menu old and new in one picture

As of now, the Profile icon on the Chrome toolbar from its right-click menu allows to turn on Sync, access passwords (at chrome://settings/passwords), payment methods (at chrome://settings/payments) and addresses and more (at chrome://settings/addresses). The menu also provides options to open a guest window, Manage people and Close all open Windows.

If you turn on the flag which Google is testing right now, it “enables the new version of Profile menu (aka user menu)” on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and adds icons for passwords, payments, and addresses. Clicking on those icons takes you to respective pages in the Chrome browser like before.

profile menu revamp flag

As you can see in the screenshot given at the beginning of the article, user menu isn’t complete, Chrome team still needs to add options to enable Sync, open guest window and close all windows, expect these changes to land soon.

UPDATE September 17, 2019: As we said above Google added remaining options to User menu, except Sync. Check the screenshot below to see the newly updated profile menu as of now.

UPDATE September 20, 2019: With the sync option added, now the new user menu is complete, we’ve updated the screenshot at the beginning of the article with latest user menu,

Btw, what’s your take on new user menu which Google is testing right now? Have you liked it? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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