How to install and uninstall Chrome Themes in Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser

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Recently we’ve reported Google published 14 new themes for Chrome browser on Web Store, if you’ve installed Canary or Dev version of Chromium Microsoft Edge browser, just letting you know you can install any of them even though Edge says it doesn’s support Chrome apps and themes in it.

FYI, you can install extensions from Chrome Web Store in Chromium Microsoft Edge, but not themes, they’re are incompatible with browser, when you try to do so, browser says “Themes and apps are not supported in Microsoft Edge” but if you liked a Chrome theme and desperate to install and get it to work in Edge browser, you can, here is how .

Chrome theme installed in Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser

Install Chrome themes in Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser

1.  First things, first, click on menu >  Extensions, enable “Allow extensions from other stores”

2. In Edge browser, visit Get CRX extension page and add the extension.

3. Go to new Chrome themes collection published by Chrome team or access all themes available for Chrome here,

4. Visit a theme page (and note down the ID needed to remove the theme), for instance, navigate to Slate theme page, right click on “Add to Chrome” and select “Get CRX of this extension”

slate theme Chrome Web Store

5. Click ‘Save” button to download theme CRX file to computer

6. Now head to edge://extensions page and drag and drop crx file we’ve downloaded before, Edge warns “Extensions, Apps and Themes can harm your computer.”, click Confirm.

7. Edge prompts for intall click “Add theme”, done.

Uninstall or remove Chrome themes in Chromium Edge browser

Now to uninstall themes installed in this fashion,

1. Type edge://version in the address bar

2. Copy the profile path and close Edge browser. FYI, the profile paths for Canary and Dev will be like this

Canary Edge  “:C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Default”

Dev Edge: “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default”

3. Depending upon on Edge version you’re running (dev or canary), paste its path in Explorer or Run dialog and press enter

4. Locate the Preferences file and open it with Notepad,

5. Search for that extension ID, for instance, we’ve installed the Slate theme in Edge, search for “cmhmcmgkegfffbbfobhjpdbimgmoohap” , in Preference file and remove it (keep the quotes) when it appears after “theme ” {“id”;

Edge preferences file theme id

6. Save the changes to file, launch Edge browser to see it with the default theme. [Thanks to “DaRealGoz” for this].