Google releases 14 new themes for Chrome to the Web Store

Image about Google releases 14 new themes for Chrome to the Web Store

Finally, some joy for Chrome users as Chrome team has published 14 new themes on browser Web Store in 2019 and are available for download. Visit Chrome themes collection page in the browser to see them in your browser, head to each one separately and install the theme you liked the most for Chrome browser.

12 new Chrome themes released by Google

You no longer need to wait or install Canary to see Chrome with dark mode or don’t need to install unofficial themes available on Web Store, the new official ‘Just Black‘ theme offered by Chrome team and developed by Google, will definitely satisfy desire for black theme and rest of themes such as Slate, Oceanic, Ultra Violet, Classic Blue, Banana, Black & White, Honeysuckle, Rose, Serenity, Sea Foam, Marsala, High Contrast Colorful and Pretty in Pink, are also looking beautiful.

Chrome just black theme

After adding any theme, to get back to the default, click on menu > Settings > Appearance, click ‘Reset to default‘.

Currently, at the time of writing, Slate, Ultra Violet, Classic Blue, and Black & White themes have been installed by more number of users (though they’re in double-digit only :).

Let us know in comments which you liked the most?

Update: Seems I counted wrong, they’re 14.

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