Opera Turbo Gets SPDY Support

Image about Opera Turbo Gets SPDY Support

Opera added SPDY support to its Turbo engine which when enabled loads SPDY using sites much faster in Turbo mode. If you don’t know: Opera Turbo mode automatically detects when you’re on slower connection and turns on itself and serves compressed pages via its Turbo servers to your browser, images quality will be reduced when compared to normal mode. All this done to improve loading of pages on slower connections like Dial-up or when using Wi-Fi connections at public places.

Opera today released new snapshot for Opera 12.10 with addition of SPDY support to Turbo engine.

Enabling SPDY for Turbo in Opera 12.10

1. SPDY for turbo is not enabled by default, to enable it paste the below preference in address bar and press Enter.


2. Tick for “Use SDPY for Turbo” and click Save button.

Enable Use  SPDY for Turbo Preference

3. Restart the browser.

Now SPDY supported sites like Google, Twitter, Gmail etc. load with more quickly in Turbo mode.

Download Opera 12.10 snapshot for Windows/Mac/Linux with SPDY support added to Turbo from here.