TabExplorer: Browse Folders in Windows Explorer in Tabs

Image about TabExplorer: Browse Folders in Windows Explorer in Tabs

When we browse various tabs in modern browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer we get a feeling get why can’t we browse contents in folders and directories in tabs in Explorer, why Microsoft didn’t think of this and upcoming Windows 8 doesn’t even supports this feature, we don’t need to worry as various developers around building software to add features to Windows which Windows 7 lacks by default, meet TabExplorer which adds tabs to Windows Explorer and these tabs are stacked on top of each other, when you open more folders as tabs they shrink more much like to behavior on browsers.

Tabbed browsing in Explorer

After installing the program you need to “enable Tab Explorer” first on the TabExplorer window that appears on the screen, you can select the program to auto run with Windows from this window. You can also make the tabs look colorful by selecting “Rainbow tabs” option.

Once TabExplorer is enabled open Computer and try to open some folders, they will be opened in different tabs. You can right-click on any tab to access more commands and they almost same as that of commands offered by Firefox tab context menu.


You can easily switch between opened tabs by using the mouse pointer.

New tab can be opened by clicking on empty square icon next to tab which by default opens libraries folder.

Pinning folder tabs

You can right-click on any folder tab and pin-it, we expected these pinned tabs to restore on restart but that does not happened something for the developer to look at.

You can reopen last closed tab and all closed tabs from context menu. Folder Tools sub menu on context menu offers useful commands to open command window, copy folder path and copy folder name.

TabExplorer doesn’t loads tabs you closed recently on restart, we thought while using the program say If I open Computer folder every time the program may load pinned tabs but that’s not happened.

TabExplorer works on Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7., you can download the same from here.