Add Chrome Like Tabs to Windows Explorer

Image about Add Chrome Like Tabs to Windows Explorer

With getting used to tabs in modern browsers you may regret once you realize that Windows Explorer doesn’t allow to open folders and directories in tabs, recently we’ve covered TabExplroer which lets you add tabs to Windows Explorer, but we’re not impressed with it, meet Clover plugin for Explorer adds tabs similar to Chrome, if you’re Chrome user you feel at home while opening or switching between folder tabs.

Launch Clover after installing on your computer, except the position of Wrench icon, the UI of Clover is almost similar to Chrome, you can hide bookmarks bar by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B or you can do the same from Wrench icon > Bookmarks > uncheck for Show bookmarks bar.

You can right click on the folder tab and select useful commands like new tab, pin tab, duplicate tab, close other tabs and Close tabs to the right.

Chrome tab UI for Windows Explorer

When Clover is installed and active, you can see Windows Explorer icon being replaced with Clover’s flower icon on the taskbar. You can drag a folder onto the tab bar to open as a tab. Do you want keyboard shortcuts? Use Ctrl +T to open Computer, with Ctrl +W, you can close a tab, Switch between folder tabs by using Ctrl+Tab, with Ctrl+D, you can bookmark a folder to bookmarks, you can access bookmarked folders quickly from the bookmarks bar.

Download Clover.