Faster Ways for Windows 8 Shutdown or Restart

Image about Faster Ways for Windows 8 Shutdown or Restart

We’re not talking here to create shortcuts to Power options on Windows 8 desktop and use them, Windows 7 users definitely find bit difficult to shutdown or restart their Windows 8 Computers as WDP lacks conventional start menu as we used to hit shutdown button on Start Menu, we need to accept that too many clicks needed for a novice user to shutdown/restart Microsoft’s next Operating System, this isn’t intuitive and good experience for the user.

Quick and easier ways to shutdown or restart Windows 8

#1. Use Win + I shortcut to open “Settings” Sidebar and click Shutdown or restart option by clicking the Power icon.

Shutdown Windows 8 from metro start screen.

#2. Press Win+ D to focus on Windows desktop and taskbar, press Alt + F4 shutdown dialog  select the option from Shutdown dialog.

shutdown dialog in Windows 8

#3.  Power button in Windows 8 by default is there set for shutdown by default, simply press Power button on CPU and Windows closes apps and shuts down your Computer.

 press powerbutton to shutdown windows 8

I Hope, the above tips will be  useful for faster shutdown/restart of Windows 8 irrespective of whether user on regular desktop or on Metro start screen.

You can always use Win key to switch to Metro Start screen and click Desktop tile on it or Win + D to switch  back to Windows 8 desktop.