Gmail Offline App for Chrome

Image about Gmail Offline App for Chrome

Guys, you need to be using Chrome more as Google releasing more and more features and web apps for their Chromebook, today they released Gmail offline HTML5 powered Web app which is available for download from Chrome Web Store. Whenever you lost internet connection, with  Gmail offline  app you can able to read, respond to, organize and archive email. Google will release offline apps for Google Calendar and Google Docs over the next week.

Gmail offline

Gmail offline app is based on Gmail Web app for tablets which will function with or without internet. You can call this more of an offline app which provides  extremely fast response time with email focused experience.

How Gmail offline app works

You need to sign-in to your Google account to install this app, after installing the app for the first time with internet connectivity Gmail offline automatically synchronizes messages and queued actions in Chrome.

You can start this app by click offiline Google Mail icon on the new tab page.

P.S This app currently not working on Stable version of Chrome for us without internet connection, Chrome showing “Offline Google Mail The app is currently unreachable”, wonder what’s wrong with Chrome in my system.