Merge all Open Windows of Safari Browser

Image about Merge all Open Windows of Safari Browser

Recently we covered about  SnapBack  button in Safari which returns us to the original search results page If you are new to using  Safari you will also find Merge all Windows feature also helpful, Merge all Windows in Safari allows to merge all open windows in a single window.

Merging all open Windows in Safari Browser

Open more than one Safari window, now from Window menu click “Merge All Windows “ to let safari combine all windows into single window.

Merge all Windows in Safari Browser

This will be definitely useful when you open lot of windows and can’t able to figure out which webpage resides in which window and with “Merge all Windows” you can able to access all pages and tabs in a single window.

Of course you can able to view names of all parent window tabs from Windows menu.You can also able to move a particular tab to new window by clicking “Move Tab to New Window” from Windows menu.