ZeuApp Downloads & Installs 82 Freeware Apps

Image about ZeuApp Downloads & Installs 82 Freeware Apps


I previously covered about multiple applications installers like Smart Installer pack, Ninite and Allmyapps these installers download and install list of apps chosen by you, where similar kind of app ZeuApp will download application one by one chosen by user and installs them one by one automatically.


ZeuApp is free and portable multiple apps installer offers user 82 free apps from various categories.

How to use ZeuApp

1.Choose app you want to download and click download button.

2.A new form will be presented where clicking on Download will asks you directory to save the app.


3.After mentioning the save path, download will start automatically.

4.After download is completed, installer will start to install the app.

ZeuApp offers apps from various categories includes Archivers,Audio, Video,chat-IM, Internet , CD-Burners, P2P- File Sharing,Games, Graphic,Office Security , Utility.

Pros: Offers all open source apps from single UI, users can choose desired apps. ZeuApp download and installs them one by one.Saves time for user by not visiting multiple pages to download apps.

Cons: Can’t offer feature to download and install list of apps with a single click much like Ninite and other multiple installers does.

ZeuApp is freeware.

Download ZeuApp1.3

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