Fix Windows Media Player Problems With Fix WMP Utility

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Though VLC player supports and plays almost all video and audio file formats, still lot of people stuck to using Windows Media Player(WMP) which will be installed by default along with Windows. Apart from its inability to play popular video formats and the codec’s required for video files not installed in user’s computer, what to do when Windows Media player failed to function properly. Fix WMP utility re-registers DLL files of WM player and makes sure WM player functions properly without any problems.


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User need to create system restore point before running this utility. If anything goes wrong he can bring back computer to previous state.The user need to run Fix WMP utility only if there are problems and error messages occurring while running WM player.

Running Fix WMP Utility

Fix WMP Utility

Fix WMP utility will re-registers 40 DLL files required for WM player to function properly. This utility is free and portable , you can run from USB drive, no installation required.This utility repairs all versions of WM players.

Download Fix WMP Utility