Share Images on Internet With Imgur

Image about Share Images on Internet With Imgur


There are lot of websites online to share images on internet with your friends ,family members ,on blogs and message boards.One such simple image sharing online tool is Imgur ,you can pronounce imgur as image-er or imager.


Features of Imgur:

1.You can share images with your friends ,on blogs and message boards.

2.You can submit automatically images to popular soicial sites such as  digg ,reddiit and delicious.


3.You can delete images you uploaded if you don’t want them in imgur.

4.You can upload image files up to 10 MB.

5.Imgur supports all popular image formats such as GIF,JPEG,PNG,BMP,PDF and TIFF.

6.If your uploaded images gets popular and if gets more than 4000 views, then your image will appear on their gallery here


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