Privacy Policy values our readers privacy .How ever We  do collect our readers information to improve our website and to collect statistics of visitors info for our website we use Site meter and Google Analytics .We never share our readers information with third parties .Your privacy is very important to us.

We use tools such as  Site meter and Google Analytics to collect our readers information such as IP addresses and operating system use.

Cookies and Web beacons

Here in our website you might have observed third party advertisements which may use Cookie on your computer to know your habits ,your IP address ,your browser, your operating system details .All these  info will help them to display ads suits to your interests .we have no access to these data

You may disable those Cookies ,but it affects your interaction with this site.


We used to display ads from Google ,Google also uses cookies to know your details .Google’s DART cookie enables them to show ads suited to your interest.You may opt out of DART cookie from here.

Internet Based advertising

Since Google sooner going to display ads based on interests of user,that is if you visit sports related websites regularly which have Google adsense ads ,you will be grouped as “sport enthusiast” category .This is Internet Advertising approach from Google for this they collect some info which do not include your name ,email-id,phone number, address or any such details .You may read about that here.

We care and guarantee our Readers Privacy.