How to Disable AVG Search–Shield or Link Scanner

Image about How to Disable AVG Search–Shield or Link Scanner

AVG Link Scanner or Search -shield

AVG Search Shield or Link scanner is default enabled after installing AVG Antivirus.Link scanner rates websites security shown from search results in Google,Yahoo and MSN .It may delay the process of displaying search results while Link scanner is analyzing Websites .

We can disable Link Scanner as Google and other search engines are configured to show safe websites in their search results .They can show malware sites in search results as harmful sites for us to remind not to open (Forget Google flagging entire websites as malware,that is a human error ,we can trust Google ,can we?).

security rating by AVG search -sheild

To disable link scanner or AVG search-Shield

1.Open AVG Free  USER Interface, AVG displays Link Scanner in Security components and status overview.

2.Double click Link Scanner to Open in settings below remove tick mark for or disable Enable AVG Search –Shield (need web browser restart) .click Save Changes.

disabling AVG Search -Shield

3.Reopen AVG Free USER Interface to see Link scanner gets disabled.

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