FeedBurner Merged into Google

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Feedburner merged with Google

Since Google’s acquisition of FeedBurner on June 2007,Google moved all feedBurner accounts and  feeds to Google’s server.February 28 2009 is deadline for all feedBurner accounts to be moved to Google.If you have zero subscriber count appearing on feedBuner’s feed count ,that is due to this reason.

Google will give prompt to all feedburner accounts holders to move their account to Google.You have to follow the instructions to move to Google when you see prompt message from Google.You need to must have  Google account to move your feedburner and your feeds to Google account .

What I have to do now?

Just log into your feedburner account and if you get a prompt to move your account follow the instructions.If you won’t get a  prompt to move your feeds to Google account you will get this prompt in future.

prompt to move FeedBurner account  to Google accounts

What about my subscribers ?

Your subscribers are safe ,all feeds URL  from FeedBurner will redirect feeds hosted on  Google.

what about my subscriber count is showing zero?

subscriber count zero

It will show your subscribers count once your feeds are moved to Google.

after your feedBurner account moved to Google ,you will get confirmation message from Google that your feeds moved successfully ,you can access your feeds at feedburner.google.

for more details check this Faqs

Have you moved your FeedBurner account and feeds to Google account ?share with us in comments?

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