Exposing Your Printer to Cold Conditions Can give Fumes

Image about Exposing Your Printer to Cold Conditions Can give Fumes


Maintenance of a printer is not easy as well as its protection.There are some environmental conditions like hot temperature or too cool conditions which we should also consider which effects our printer’s performance.To run our printer for a long time we should have to take some precautions.

1.We should cover the printer with a blanket whenever it is not is use.

2.If your printer is in open environment ,you should take precaution to protect your printer from cool conditions as well hot conditions.

3.Exposing printer to cold conditions as leaving your printer open without even covering a blanket on it can give fumes from printer while printing.

4.Make sure printer media as we use A4 paper bundle also be well protected from cool conditions as well as from direct sunlight.

5.There is a case where prints will come without ink make you think that ink in Cartridge is over ,that’s not the case due to cold conditions your printer got stuck ,giving some 10 prints will make it work comes to normal.

6.Give the printer enough room for ventilation.

7.Printer should be away from dust.

8.Don’t expose your printer to direct sunlight , and keep away from heat sources.

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