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Gmail offline

Gmail already released their experimental labs feature of accessing Gmail offline, but it is appeared in Google Labs today to me .So worth a try to enable Gmail offline feature and access Gmail when no access to internet available.

1.Just login into your Gmail account click Google labs symbol

2.Enable offline feature for Gmail ,click save changes.

3.Now you can see offline link beside settings in your Gmail. offline and follow instructions on screen

enablling Gmail offline

How this feature works

Google uses Gears to get a cache of your mail when you are connected to internet and that cache is synchronized  with Google servers.When you have no internet access available Gmail switches to offline then you can read email messages you can also sent email messages which stored in outbox and when Gmail detects internet access  these emails will be sent.Gmail stores your Gmail info in your hard drive and it uses this data to make you Gmail available offline to read emails .

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