How to View Telugu Clearly in Eenadu Website

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The largest Telugu Daily of Andhra Pradesh, Eenadu Magazine’s website‘s online edition provides daily updates of National News, State News on the site, if you are unable to view Telugu clearly in Eenadu site then you can download Eenadu Font and view Telugu clearly on any Browser.

Read Eenadu Newspaper From Now on your Mobile Phone

1. Download Eenadu Font, extract and save it  to a folder on your drive.

2. Now we have to add this font to fonts in Control Panel.

3. Now Start>Settings>Control Panel>Fonts, from File menu, select ‘install New Font’ and point to Font located in folder and click OK.

adding  Eenadu Font

4. Eenadu Font will be installed.

5. From now on wards you can view Eenadu web pages clearly on any Browser.

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