How to Remove BV:AutoRun-G [Wrm] or Recycler Virus from Your USB Drive [Updated]

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I some how got BV:AutoRun-G[Wrm] aka Recycler virus in my USB drive as Avast anti-virus keep indicating me virus was found, this is only from the USB drive and the virus was not in the computer. If you keep this virus aside, Avast is really annoying me popping up every time with that warning.

I’ve to mention the things I’ve done prior to using flash disinfector, I formatted my USB Drive, but in vain, Avast continue to give virus warning.

1. Download flash disinfector to your computer and save in a folder other than Windows drive.

2. Now run flash-disinfector tool, it asks to insert your flash drive, click OK and insert it.

3. The desktop icons will be completely disappeared ,wait patiently until done message appears from the flash disinfector.

4. After done message appears, click OK, that’s it flash disinfector has locked the virus, but not removed it.

 flash disnfector fiel in USB drive

5. So be careful if you try to remove the files of flash disinfector in flash drive, it will reactivate the virus, keep those files intact. Don’t format your USB drive as virus reactivate.

Download Flash disinfector

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Update :

AVG FREE Anti-virus with updated antivirus definitions has Identified the BV:AutoRun-G [Wrm] or Recycler.exe and removed it.

BV_Autorun-G [Wrm] or Recycler[8]

  • Plug in your USB drive and scan it with AVG Antivirus FREE edition
  • AVG recognizes it, remove it by clicking remove selected infections or click Remove all unhealed infections.
  • Once AVG removed the Wrm, backup your data from your USB drive and format it.
  • My USB drive formatted without any problems since Wrm has been already removed by AVG. I Verified the USB drive by scanning with Avast by plugging into the computer, I’ve not found any warnings or symptoms of BV:Autorun-G[Wrm] or recycler.exe as it gave me earlier.

Note: Updated AVG detects and removes BV:Autorun-G[Wrm] or recycler.exe virus permanently from your computer and USB drive.

Update 1 : Try scanning with Malwarebytes if you’re using Antivirus other than AVG.

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