Cut Your Images With Photo Cutter

Image about Cut Your Images With Photo Cutter

image cut with photo cutter

There will be cases where we need to cut specific portion of images and email them.If you have a lot of photo collection ,for presentation purposes you can cut images with free Photo cutter.Photo cutter is very easy to use .

Features of Photo Cutter:

  • Cut your Photos very fast.
  • Cut large amount of photos very easily.
  • Supports image formats like jpg,bmp,tiff,png,emf and wmf formats.
  • Very easy to use .
  • Choose where your image files are located.
  • Specify the  destination folder
  • Select the region where you want to cut which can be viewed as preview is enabled in photo cutter.
  • save the image after cutting in desired format.
  • It’s a freeware

Original Image                        Image cut after using photo Cutter

spring_03 spring_03_cropped

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