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ScreenToaster is free Online screen Recorder with which you can record your videos very easily.Registration is required to use ScreenToaster ,You can create videos and you can also embed them in your blogs/websites or you can send them through email also.


ScreenToaster is very easy to use.

Record with Single click:Once you login to your account you have to click start Recording button which will display a message it is ready to record .

ScreenToaster is ready to record

You have to minimize the Browser window .

Keyboard shortcuts :Pressing ALT+S will record full screen

                                       Pressing ALT+SHIFT+S  record Particular area you selected   

                                       Pressing ALS+ S again will stop the recording

Now once you are ready to record your first video using ScreenToaster press ALT +S  to start recording .

You have to press ALT + S to stop the recording,Once your video recording is complete the video will be  displayed in ScreenToaster which you can publish them and you can  embed the code in your blogs\websites.Uploading of  video to their server  can take a while ,so be patient .Now URL and  embed code will be appeared on right corner of Screen Toaster .Embed this code in your blog/website.

Now you can set this video also to be private so that  no one can view in ScreenToaster.

Browser Compatibility:ScreenToaster is optimized to work  with Firefox ,Opera,Safari,Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Free to use:Screentoasrter is free ,what you need is registration . No Installation required.

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