Mozilla adds ‘Enable E10s’ Option to Nightly Preferences

Heard of Electrolysis Project (for short called as ‘e10s’)? Which Mozilla has been working on since a long time to run web content in a separate process from Firefox, till now you can enable e10s in Nightly by setting values …

Mozilla to use Microsoft Translator for Translations in Firefox

Translations in Firefox powered by Microsoft Translator. This is yet to be officially announced, Mozilla is currently testing translation feature in its browser which is powered by Microsoft Translator. This feature is not enabled by default.

Testing Firefox’s

Mozilla Speeds Up location Bar Searches in Firefox 33

Firefox 33 offers an improved search experience through the location bar. Unlike to Chrome’s omnibox, Firefox has an address bar and search bar. When you search for a single word or number in the location bar, Firefox first …

PDF.js to get Huge Memory Improvements in Firefox 33

PDF.js, Firefox’s built-in PDF Viewer has got huge improvements in memory consumption and speed department in version 29, it to get additional large reductions in memory consumption in Firefox 33 browser (which set to release in October) thanks to …

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