Chrome Stylish extension is tracking your browsing history and sharing data with SimilarWeb (analytics company), here is how you can opt-out of tracking from Stylish.

The popular Stylish extension available for Chrome and Firefox browser allows to change the look of websites by installing custom users style or themes. The Stylish from is now part of SimilarWeb company and its owner has announced in January that ‘Stylish users will be joining SimilarWeb’s market research panel’ but an opt-out mechanism has been provided for Stylish users who don’t want to share their data.

Opt-out of Stylish Tracking

At the moment, Stylish Chrome extension is tracking, but not the Firefox extension which hasn’t been updated since November, 2017.  If you’ve installed Stylish extension in Chrome,

1. Right click on Extension icon in toolbar and choose Options

2. Uncheck ‘ Send anonymous data to Stylish developers’.

If the Firefox Stylish extension updates in the near future with this change, you’ve to visit extension options and deactivate the option mentioned above.

By opting out, though you were not able to view available styles directly in the add-on, you can able to see available styles by visiting  website.

Information collected by Stylish

  • Standard web server log information (i.e., web request) as well as data sent in response to that request, such as uniform resource locator used, Internet Protocol address (trimmed and encrypted for anonymization), HTTP referrer, and user agent; and
  • Search engine results page data (keyword, order/index of results, links of results, title, description, and ads displayed).

You can find this and more information in Privacy Policy page.

Stylish Alternative

You can uninstall Stylish and switch to Stylus which doesn’t track you.