A change made by Google in Chrome 64 is resulting New Tab page to display 4 thumbnails only instead of 8.

This change was intentional and not a bug: the default size of the New Tab Page has been increased, that’s why most visited thumbnails will appear as bigger and take more space. And hence, the Chromium team has decided to hide rows of  most viewed tiles when they don’t fit on your screen.

If you’re using a device with small screen size/resolution, you might be seeing 4 thumbnails on NTP.

If you want to see 8 thumbnails on the new tab, you need to visit Chrome Settings and depending on your device you need to set the Zoom level from 100% to 90% or 80%, but you can’t use Chrome or view other websites with that zoom level.

This may not be the ideal solution, but other than downgrading to Chrome 63, that’s the only workaround available right now.

Apart from this change, Chrome 64 also brought site wide muting option, removing tab muting option, but you can mute tab not website in Chrome latest version, follow the below link for that.

You can send feedback about this from menu > Help > Report Issue.

Chrome 64+: How to mute Tabs (not sites)

What’s your take on this change? Do you want Google to provide a configurable option to show number of rows in Chrome new tab, which Firefox Quantum does for its New Tab Page?